Telemedvisit Electronic Medical Records (EMR):

  • CCHIT certification qualifies for federal reimbursement
  • Fully integrated with Telemedvisit system
  • Work flow can be easily tailored to your patients and practice
  • Cloud storage of audio, video and still images
  • HIPAA compliant, encrypted data and transmission

Patient Passport™ Personal Health Record (PHR):

  • Patient Passport™ Standard edition is provided free to all Telemedvisit patients, the Premium package is available for only $39.00 per year.

Patient Passport™ Standard (free)

  • Diagnoses
  • Medication listings
  • Allergy information
  • Lab results
  • X-ray reports
  • Procedure results

Patient Passport™ Premium ($39.00 per year)

All standard features, plus

  • All standard features, plus
  • Medical record management
  • Scan and upload unlimited medical document/images