Q: What does Telemedvisit cost?

A: Joining the Telemedvisit system, installing the Telemedvisit application and use of the Patient Passport™ Standard personal health record system are all free. If you need to see a physician you simply pay the applicable fee posted at your clinic or provider. These fees are always less than seeing a physician in a traditional office or emergency room.

Q: Can I see my own physician on Telemedvisit?

A: We are always happy to have new physicians join our panel. It costs them nothing and allows them to serve their patients in an inexpensive and effective manner. Click here to email us your physicians name at info@telemedvisit.com and we’ll contact him or her for you. If they accept your referral, your first Telemedvisit encounter is free.

Q: I don’t have a Windows 7 PC, can I still use Telemedvisit?

A: Sorry, but at this time we only support Windows 7 and newer operating systems. If you have an older version of Windows, an Intel based Mac, or a Linux PC you’ll need to install Windows 7 to use our system.

Q: Do you accept my medical insurance?

A: Insurance for telemedicine varies by state, location and insurance carrier. Please check with your local Telemedvisit clinic for your insurance questions.